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James (Jim)


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1439 Poplar Avenue



Twin Falls



United States


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What Years Have You Attended Burning Man?

2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013


Burning Man Projects and Affiliations

Theme Camp


Describe Your Burning Man Projects and Affiliations

I'm the primary camp contact for Anat's Love Camp


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Other Contributions

My only art contribution to Burning Man has been a big and beautiful 8'x8'

camp sign for Anat's Love Camp.


Art Installation/Project Name

Star of Shamash


Art Installation Creator/Lead Artist/Artist Group

Jim Foerster


Art Installation Info Listed Publicly?



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Public Website Description of Art Installation [I think that this is the most important part.

Please let me know if you think that I should reword this. –Jim-dandy!]

The Star of Shamash is the symbol for the Babylonian Sun God, Shamash,

which was likely a part of the caravansary across ancient Mesopotamia. It

is 8' diameter and colorfully lit with LEDs for night–time sun

worshipping. It was also built to honor Anat Shamash for her 20th

anniversary of attending Burning Man.


Associated With Theme Camp



Theme Camp Association

Anat's Love Camp


Where ideally would you like your piece to be placed on the open playa?

Inner playa. For most dramatic effect, I would like this star to be placed

relatively near the Man (but not too close) anywhere on an east – west

axis (along the 1:30 – 7:30 line, running through the Man, preferably

between the Man and 1:30) and I will position the star parallel to a north

south axis (along the 4:30 – 10:30 line) so that the star can be

used by photographers to frame with either people's faces or Burning Man

in the background. Also this position will allow for sunrise and sunset

photos with the sun either behind the photographer or in the background,

again, framed by the star (preferably between the Man and 1:30 for good

sunset in the background shots). If this position is not available, then

anywhere relatively near the Man so that the Man can be in the background

of photographs.


Physical Description of Art Installation

The Star of Shamash represents the symbol for the Babylonian Sun God,

Shamash. Ancient people traveling in caravansaries along the Silk Route

through the Babylonian region of Mesopotamia would likely have encountered

this symbol and worshippers of Shamash. I also built this star in honor of

the leader of Anat's Love Camp, Anat Shamash, who this year is celebrating

her 20 anniversary of attending Burning Man! The star will be brightly and

colorfully lit by LED lights for night-time viewing or worshipping. The

star will be 8' diameter and sturdy enough for a few people to climb on it



URL for Art Installation Diagram [follow this link for more information & images]


Project Footprint

The star will be shaped like a wheel. The star itself will be round, 8

feet diameter (9 feet total height with the pedestal), and 4.5 inches

thick. It will rest on a pedestal that will be 1 foot tall by 1 foot deep

by 4 feet long. The star will be secured by 4 guy wires extending outward

as needed: covering a space of approximately 15' x 8'.


Scaffolding or any part of a structure over 10 ft high?



Holes dug in the playa



Interference with nearby art?



Interference Detail

The star will be brightly lit with LED lights. The lights will range in

brightness from dim to bright depending on the programmed light

sequence that is running.


Quiet Area Requirement



Dark Area Requirement



If you are requiring a dark and/or quiet environment, how much space

surrounding your artwork would you need?

Because the LED lights are its main attraction at night, other bright lights

nearby will interfere with the light display especially during dim light

sequences. At least 250 feet away from other light sources.


Illumination Details

I will put EL wire as well as flagging ribbons on the guy wires and have

separate solar powered lights where each guy wire is staked to the ground

(two per stake). I will use special very sturdy stakes (that I have made

especially for the purpose of staking into the brittle playa soil) that

are very secure, will do very little damage to the playa, will be pounded

into the playa so that they are just below the surface so the stakes will

not trip anyone, and will be easy to remove. I will use additional solar

powered LED lights during construction if necessary. Construction should

take no more than half a day and be done during the day so I won't leave

anything laying around during the night.


Energy Requirements

The star will be lit with LED lights (at night) that will be powered by a

12v deep cycle battery that will be charged by a solar panel (which will

be on a frame securely anchored to the playa). I have consulted a solar

panel contractor to help me design a system that will have adequate power

for two nights if there is one day of no sun; but I am still waiting for

the advice.


Alternative Power Source




12 volt deep cycle battery


Generator Powered



Number Of Generators






Other Sources



Other Power






Fuel Storage



Leave No Trace Plan

I do not intend to burn my art. I will remove the art to be used in future

years at our theme camp. The only damage to the playa will be minimal

damage from removing the four stakes which have been specially designed by

me to be easily inserted and removed causing minimal damage.


Recycle Materials

I am not planning on burning my art. I will be using it year after year at

Anat's Love Camp.


Building A Stage



Stage Placement and Construction



Sound Amplification



Sound Amplification Description



Special Needs

Of course I'm planning on having enough help but I don't know if I will

need assistance from the DPW erecting the star structure like with a

forklift and I don't know if that is even a possibility. Please discuss

this with me on the phone. Thank you.


Primary Flame Type



Secondary Flame Type



Tertiary Flame Type



Combustibles - Fuel and Hazardous Material Storage



Digital Image of Art Installation